The Process

The Consultation

Once you get in contact we will arrange a free consultation for you with Thomas, our heating expert. Together we will identify precisely what it is you want from your heating system and the type of system you had in mind.

Thomas will then introduce you to our systems that will satisfy your heating needs, this will familiarise you with both the products and terminology that will assist you in deciding whether or not to peruse your project.


Following the consultation, Thomas will work on designing the system that best meets your project specifications, be it a complete heating solution or an upgrade in one area. We will then furnish you with a proposal which includes a quotation.

Thomas will also conduct cost comparison on your behalf. This will document the possible savings should you opt for our system as opposed to traditional options. More importantly Thomas will be able to tell you when your system will have paid for itself!


Ensuring your project runs on time is of paramount importance to us, to facilitate this we work in conjunction with you, your builder and architect

We also supply electrical drawings to your electrician, again to ensure you the client doesn’t lose any valuable time.


Aftercare is just as important to us as it is to you. While it is minimal with our products, we recommend annual servicing to ensure you are maximising the output of your investment.