Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are modern, durable, and cost reducing heating solutions that source energy from underground or the solar system.

Heat Pumps can be used for heating the smallest home to the largest hotel, there is no limits to what can be achieved, be it cost reductions or obtaining optimal comfort levels for your customers or family.

Heat pumps are a modern solution operated via a smart control. These controls are multi-functional and sleek in design, fitting seamlessly into your wall. Ideally suited to operating in conjunction with underfloor heating, it can also be retrofitted to a radiator heating system as the "plus" series is designed for maximum heating flow of temperatures up to 65°C, thus are ideally suited to heating system renovation.

Reducing energy bills is often the sole motivator for installing these sustainable solutions. However; reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable solutions allows us to protect our environment for generations to come.